St. Andrew Orthodox Church
A Parish of the Moscow Patriarchate
1216 Greencrest Avenue, East Lansing, MI 48823
Calendar of Events and Services
Uploading St. Andrew's Calendars

If you would like to upload the calendar above to your own Google Calendar or i-Cal, simply click the "+ Google Calendar" button on the bottom right of the Calendar.
  • Notice that it will offer you vaious calendars (represented by the different colors above).¬†
  • You can choose one, some or all of them.
Other Calendars

Here are some other calendar's of interest that you can check out and, if you would like, upload to your Google Calendar or i-Cal. (Unless stated otherwise, all are according to the "New Calendar")
Any other Google calendars you know of that might be useful to someone as an Orthodox Christian or a member of the Lansing area?  Please share them!