St. Andrew Orthodox Church
A Parish of the Moscow Patriarchate
1216 Greencrest Avenue, East Lansing, MI 48823
Parish Council Members

Father Christopher Rozdilski: Pastor

Phone: (517)351-4627

Parish Council Chair: John Johnson

Phone: (517)646-8786

Parish Council Vice-Chair: Don Dimitroff

Phone: (517)321-1266

Parish Council Secretary: Cathy Estrada

Phone: (517)256-3733

Parish Council Treasurer: Maria Daly

Phone: (517)487-9511

Parish Council Member: David Long

Phone: (517)351-1224
last updated 5/25/10
Brotherhood of St. George

 President: Andrew Shauver

Phone: (517) 482-8541
last updated 5/25/10
Sisterhood of St. Helen

President: Catherine Hattrem

last updated 5/25/10
Ecclesiastic Leaders -

A Loving & Caring Couple

Fr. Christopher & Matushka Sarah

Phone: 351-4627


Altar Servers -

Committed to serving our Lord

Choir -

Beautiful Voices / Dedicated Group

Choir Director: Dr. Ted Lopushinski


Jr. FOCA Youth Group -

Our Future Leaders

Leader : Shruti Gross

Sunday School -

Committed to teaching our young the Lord's Way.

Coordinator: Jennifer Beck

Phone: 651-6668