St. Andrew Orthodox Church
A Parish of the Moscow Patriarchate
1216 Greencrest Avenue, East Lansing, MI 48823
Who Are We?
We area a Christ-centered community of believers.  As Christians, we strive to proclaim Christ through our worship, words and actions following the teachings and faith handed down to us from the Apostles of the Early Church.  Through no merit of our own and by the very grace of God, we belong to the same Church as the Apostles in Scriptures.  In short, we are Orthodox Christians.

St. Andrew is an Orthodox Christian parish under the care of the Patriarchate of Moscow and Patriarchal Vicarate to Russian Orthodox Parishes in the USA.  Although our Patriarch is in Russia, our liturgies and most all other services are celebrated in English to appropriately meet the needs of our parish family (most of whom speak English in their daily lives) and the surrounding community.

Through our Patriarch, we are in communion with all canonical Orthodox Churches (called "jurisdictions") worldwide including the Orthodox Church in America, the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, those under the care of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople (such as the the Greek Orthodox and Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of America), and many more.

These jurisdictions represent various cultural expressions of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church: the Orthodox Church.  We are united through the same Faith and may participate in the sacramental life as equals at any Orthodox Church, regardless of the jurisdiction we may belong to.

If you're Orthodox and just visiting or new to the area, please come and worship with us.

What If You're Not Orthodox?

We would love to meet you!  We promise we will not pressure you at all.  If you are curious about what Orthodoxy is, the best way to find out is to experience our worship service: the Divine Liturgy.

Check out our Times of Worship and Calendar for the Divine Liturgy, Vespers, Special Services any Church functions that might be going on.

The Divine Liturgy is celebrated Sunday mornings and on special feast days (for example, Christmas).  A normal Liturgy usually lasts about one and a half hours.  You may want to read this before coming: "12 Things I Wish I'd Known: First Visit to an Orthodox Church".

If that sounds a bit intimidating, a more quaint and shorter example of our worship you could experience is our Vespers service on Saturday Evenings.  This is a prayer service and although quite different from our Sunday Liturgy, it will still give you a taste for what Orthodox worship means.

We are excited to share our faith with others.  We would love for you to stick around after a Sunday Liturgy so we can get to know you (or just to have a free doughnut).  But please do whatever you're comfortable with.  Many of us at St. Andrews were in your shoes before: curious about Orthodoxy, but a bit (or very!) nervous about visiting such a "different" church.  The last thing we want to do is make you feel any more uncomfortable than you may already.

If you wish to speak with the priest, Father Christopher, your best bet would be to call ahead of time so he can know when to expect you or set up an appointment.

What If You Were Raised Orthodox, but haven't been in a "while"?

No time like the present!  Come worship with us this Sunday.  You may also wish to set up a time with Father Christopher to get "re-acquainted" with your Church. Go here for his contact information.

Our Church Temple - 1963
Our Church Temple - 1963
Our Church Temple - 1963
The Founder, Fr. Photius (Donahue) and his family
The Founder, Fr. Photius (Donahue) and his family
The Founder, Fr. Photius (Donahue) and his family
1977 Board of Advisors
1977 Board of Advisors
1977 Board of Advisors
The History of St. Andrew Orthodox Parish

A brief view of our past and the history of the parish of St. Andrew Orthodox Church.

Church History

His Holiness KIRILL, Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus'
The Most Reverend John, Bishop of Naro-Fominsk

Patriarchal Vicar and Administrator of the Patriarchal Parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church in the USA. 

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